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Special Thanks to My blogging friends for all their hard work and effort into helping me!


These are some of my very best blogging friends! I encourage you to check them out! Their hard work and amazing blogs are amazing and I am so blessed to know and work with them!

ByJenni- From my Facebook group! Jenni is a digital marketer and posts about writing about travel, organisation, photography, baking, and a variety of other things!

Krista Aoki- From my Facebook group This amazing girls blog contains many topics including life, travel, tips on building a successful blog as well as things she is passionate about.

Vanni in America One of my very best friends I met through AFS club at my school. She is from Germany her blog is available in English and German! She writes about her time in America and one of the most amazing people I have met this year!

BeachyGirlMonique One of my first blogging friends and collaborators! I love her content and layout of her blog. She does lifestyle based topics so we share similar interests and we always are sharing tips with each other! I can’t wait to grow my blog with her by my side

Cherries and Perfume The girl who owns the blog is name Sophie and I believe she is the second blogger friend I ever met and talked to. The reason I love her blog is the theme and color schemes she uses are amazing. Her blog is about beauty and lifestyle life me. However get this she also has some experiences with medical issues as well. That is kind of how we really connected and I would consider her a very great friend. So glad to talk to whenever I can! She is such an amazing person.