My Winter Photography Collection

Hey guys, as you know I am love to do photography in fact at least this month I think I have gone out every day for some photos. But I would like to look back at the winter photos I took. This is starting in December through February. So lets go! I haven't decided yet … Continue reading My Winter Photography Collection


Owls in my backyard?

Let me tell you a little bit about finding owls  in my own backyard. It started a very long time ago when I was little we heard owls on and off at night and so we knew they existed. One in particular used to love to sit on a tree outside my bedroom window. Although … Continue reading Owls in my backyard?

TWM Western Road Trip Adventure June 20-23

Travel With Me: Western Road Trip Adventure: June 20-22 The pink line represents the route from last day which is actually the 23rd Welcome back! Home from my week long vacation and yes I have photos but those will take some time to sort out but for now here are the rest of my Western … Continue reading TWM Western Road Trip Adventure June 20-23

Michigan Land Captured through my camera lens!

Hello beauties so today is really more a photography post (which i have been really into) back in my post called Michigan Memories I promised photos in one of the comments well couple weeks ago I got to head over to my grandparents and take some photos of it! So here you go. Also let me … Continue reading Michigan Land Captured through my camera lens!

Quick Photography

Waiting for my mom to pick me up from school. I decided to take some pictures of random different things to pass the time. It was really interesting to use different angles and make them your own by choosing how you wanted them too look. Photography is a really cool way to express yourself. You … Continue reading Quick Photography

Fall Photos: Park

Recently, my parents made me get out of the house. So,  I ended up going to the park with my sister. I then decided I would take some fall pictures for Instagram like every "basic white girl" does. So after playing on the playground and wearing myself out for awhile. My sister took pictures for … Continue reading Fall Photos: Park