Trying on some different Clothes

These clothes are all clothes I got from my older cousin. With that being said, I couldn't find the exact items to link. In fact some have no links for that exact reason. I did try my best to link ones that were similar. This was so much fun to do. Also I got a … Continue reading Trying on some different Clothes


New Year and Upcoming posts

Hopefully you all had a wonderful time with family this holiday season. but now let me tell you what I have been doing. I'm really trying to schedule posts for January. This way I am not rushed to squeeze in last min. My next post is probably gonna be all about my Christmas like where … Continue reading New Year and Upcoming posts

Storytime: We almost walked right out after 2 hours of waiting

Story takes place: November 13, 2017 Rewind to November 13, 2017 of my life. Wait you have no clue what happened oops haha. Let me tell you then..... It was a monday. And i woke up hating the day. Why? Well 2:15 i had my last solids for a time being. Why well i was … Continue reading Storytime: We almost walked right out after 2 hours of waiting

Blogging Announcement: I cannot believe this happened….

  Wow, on December 21, 2017 I logged onto wordpress and I could not believe what I saw.... I was convinced my eyes were playing tricks on me. But what I saw was an amazing thing. So amazing I could consider it a Christmas gift. But since I have so much to say about it … Continue reading Blogging Announcement: I cannot believe this happened….

2017 Reflection

  Hey all- Soo you may have realized I failed at blogmas-but i gotta say I started out pretty strong though. I do have a life to live and well I guess I got busy. But here is a little reflection on the year I did! I really just googled: reflection for new year questions. … Continue reading 2017 Reflection

Spotlight,Camera Action!

  Alright so I have had a very busy past week! Last week, my dad asked me if i wanted to run the spotlight for our church drama production during friday and saturday. Basically, I would project the spotlight onto the stage at a certain point on a specific person. And i would have to … Continue reading Spotlight,Camera Action!

What was in my stocking?

Alright its pretty short but the same day I went to IKEA, I also opened my stocking to see what I got from st. Nick soooo here it is! Oh and enjoy the excess photos I took for this haha! Twix 2 rescues peanutbutter cups lifesavers hard candy m&ms (christmas style) mentos earrings santa hat

IKEA: Photo Gallery and Video

Hey Guys sooooo I finished my video for my trip to IKEA and since I also have not shown you the photos I took there, I also added those! Enjoy!

IKEA Bound!

Well yeah missed yesterday's blogmas post, sigh. I have a very good reason though actually nah i don't I just was exhausted from what I got to do yesterday.I did want to make another christmas post but If i don't write about what I did yesterday (which I think was pretty cool) then I won't … Continue reading IKEA Bound!

Updated Playlist

Alight not gonna lie this post was bear with me Last year i did a complete post on my christmas playlist music. Here's an updated version and other songs related to ChurchChristmas Playlist | Christian Playlist TobyMac Chrsitmas Songs TobyMac is a Christian hip hop recording artist, music producer, songwriter and author. Christmas THis … Continue reading Updated Playlist