A story that started in 8th Grade and continues

World Mental Health Day is on October 10. It helps educate people, in hopes of bringing more awareness and advocacy to it. It is supposed to help fight against social stigma that it is surrounded with today . So today I will be sharing a excerpt from my journal from 2015. It’s about my mental … Continue reading A story that started in 8th Grade and continues


Artwork: Watercolor Paintings

Hello everyone and Welcome back. I was planning on posting a lot more but I really wanted some more diversity in the topics I blog about. I haven't don't many artwork posts soo after lots of work and patience oh and many searches on Pinterest. I soon found myself painting a lot more then I … Continue reading Artwork: Watercolor Paintings

Undecided Pre Homecoming Thoughts

Well Homecoming is just around the corner. Guess what i can't wait. I love getting dressed up and doing my hair, makeup, taking photos and just hanging out with friends. Just like any normal teenage girl would. While i have only been to 1 Homecoming since i am only a Sophomore, but i know how … Continue reading Undecided Pre Homecoming Thoughts

An unexpected visit

Happened on 9-11-17 (kind of scary ) I took a seat waiting for my friends in resource period the 45min period before school that allows us to do homework before classes. Suddenly something didn't feel right and my heart started beating fast. I wasn't all that scared because i have experienced this 4-5 times before … Continue reading An unexpected visit

Book Review/Quotes : Uninvited by Lysa Ter Keurst

Recently i started reading the book Uninvited : Living Loved When You Feel Less Than Left Out and Lonely By Lysa TerKeurst. I discovered this book while i was reading though the new articles for me on the Mighty Site. I am not finished with it but i can tell i am loving it. Now … Continue reading Book Review/Quotes : Uninvited by Lysa Ter Keurst

Last School Year in Review

What the heck is wrong with me? what the heck get it together Brianna just cool it your only at school what's the big deal? "You okay? " my mom asked yeah....I am fine I replied Then I begin to wonder if this is worse then last year....Last year I was even more of a … Continue reading Last School Year in Review

Story time: The Popcorn Machine Lost its Wheel

*When this occurred I was in 6th grade and my brother then in 8th School was over for the day and I had to see a teacher to take a test. I got done early and my mom wasn’t coming for a while. I saw two of my friends (lets just call them….Sabrina and Sally) … Continue reading Story time: The Popcorn Machine Lost its Wheel

Book Recommendation: This I Believe

I have just finished This I Believe  by Jay Allison and gosh it was the most amazing and inspirational books I have heard. (I listened to the audiobook version. and the itunes podcast version is here) I learned so many things that are just simple yet complicated if u look into them. Here are a … Continue reading Book Recommendation: This I Believe

Change & Friendship

You know how when you're in elementary school its seems as though you have the whole class as your friend? Then middle school rolls around and you may have a group of friends but really by the time you get to high school you realize you actually only have a few actual friends. In elementary … Continue reading Change & Friendship

Responding to a DM on Instagram

  Well i am sitting here in my room typing this post honestly i had plan to this post but forget what i was going to write about soooo yeah…...but hopefully i'll remember soon… I have been so busy the last week. I taught horse camp at the ranch i ride at. Wait I don’t … Continue reading Responding to a DM on Instagram