Hey so glad you could join me! Welcome! My name is Brianna or MissBriannaMarie! I am a teen and I can’t wait for you to explore my blog! I feature a lot of post on many random things. I like to call it a lifestyle blog but honestly its just my thoughts. I really enjoy a lot of creative things such as makeup, art, photography, fashion and a lot more! I love horses too and my favorite food is pasta! I live in the USA particularly in the a state that is fond of its dair products and cows….haha can you guess? I do say the state in my blog posts too sooooo….Maybe you will figure it out!

As well as all the creative parts I also enjoy blogging about my medical experiences and the impact it has on my life! In no way am I seeking pity or attention. I only want to share my real life with you so don’t be surprised if things like that pop up once in a while! Other than that! I Think that is it! Thanks so much for visiting and hopefully you will be exploring this little space of mine some more!