The Greatest Showman and the meaning to me

On Sunday March 11, My family and I went to see The Greatest showman. This was our third time to the theatre just to get into to see this. On Friday at 7:00 we tried to drove to go see it . However when we got there the theatre had no more spots in it. Same happened on sunday when it was showing at 3 so finally my dad got there early to save sets and we saw it.

The music was amazing and the choreography was phenomenal. It really was good but it wasn’t just good to me. It had a lot of meaning in it. In fact, i will confess i cried a bit.

When the song this is me came on, i listened more to the lyrics. All of the people in the circus show have something unique or visually different about them. One thing that sets them apart from others. When the character starts to sing i realized she is singing about thing i know too.

First she talks about shielding herself from the world. Here this means hiding her scars and keeping herself out of people’s way, trying not to get noticed anymore. This is something totally relatable. Heck, yeah people stare at me every day. My gait of walk isn’t like the one of “normal” people. Kids, peers and even grown adults have stared at me for this. I see it outta the corner of my eyes everyday.

In addition to that, I often do not share my struggles with my friends for fear of judgement. But since starting my blog and over the years I have gotten significantly better at this.

Why do i hide? Well just like the people in the Greatest Showman, they are judged. Also no one really knows what it is like to be always divided and separated. There is always a visual difference between me and my peers.

Next the singer, goes from a sad tone to her voice to a stoong loud and power one. This goes along with being open with my medical condition. Now, there is still a thing called nosy or boundaries. However, I have not been as closed up as i once was. I’m not as secretive as i once was. As you can see, I have also taken this to blogging. More and more posts are out about or relating to my conditions.

I am still scared of judgement and whatever else comes in this packaged deal, but this song really opened my eyes to see how far i have come and how worthy i am. Even on the days i feel like lying in bed and sulking about life. It has hope for people struggling because it takes a group of people with all different struggles and put them together for a positive and good performance. And even better it is all because of one normal¨ man, who had everything but decided that these people were worth it to him.

Side Note: now maybe it’s a long shot and just a dream the Teen Blogger awards are here!! So it would mean the world if you took the time and nominate me.

I know I’m going to be nominating some of my blogger friends!

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