The mistake & a new project

Alright this is a short post but yesterday while building my post i had to delete some of my media in my media library so I could have photos for the last post. Well little did I know when I cleared my media it erased it all on my blog too. I am really disappointed. So I am pretty sure all my photos are gone. i rebuilt some of my photo pages already but they are not what they used to be. Trying to get some back up but loosing 9 months of photos is really disappointing. On the other hand however I built another blog! But this one will be strictly for photos only. I have been keeping it private for the most part but in times of disappointment I figured i would balance it out with a happy thing! So enjoy that one while i work on rebuilding photos here!

Click here to go to Photography blog


4 thoughts on “The mistake & a new project

  1. I hate it when you try and experiment/fix something with your blog and everything goes wrong. I hope it doesn’t take you too long to fix your blog posts. Hopefully having the photography blog will ensure that you’re still able to post photos on this blog as much as you need to.


    1. Yes it’s quite disappointing and me too. my photography blog will hopefully be worth it in the end


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