TWM: Collecting Memory Items on the Trip



With our long road trip memories evolved each and everyday and though writing down the days can help enchance these memories there are so many ways you can preserve them as well.

Welcome to my travel journal! Actually, even though I call it my travel journal I think it really should be called: My Large Notebook of Travel Stuff because really that is what it is. Let me give you the full fledged tour of it and maybe you can decide


Alight so you open it up and the back cover is to you left and the first page is on your right. The left side is all the official National Park stamps I got. It includes the name of the National park, the site you were at and the date with a cute little picture. On the right is all the extra stamps the National Parks had in addition to their main ones. If you want to know more about these national park stamps you can just click here or if you are willing to go to Wikipedia they talk about them here


The next handful of pages were all used to fill up my week in Seattle but I can go over all those another time because right now we have found the page where my road trip starts

To start off I first taped in my packing list I created myself on the lefthand side. Who knows maybe I will want to look back for other road trips. On the right I wrote about my Theodore Roosevelt National Park but since it was too long I had to fold it up a bit and tape it strangely.

The following pages down below are some leaves I found at our campground and the brown bag is from my charm I bought in the Grand Tetons

Above I created a paper pocket to put things in for instance maybe photos and the right (cannot see it well sorry) is the map of Grand Teton tent village we stayed in.

You get bored driving day after day its a fact so being me I love to draw which is what you see on the left. That is my drawing of Old Faithful Gyser in Yellowstone. Next to it on the next page I taped in a plastic bag and put the animal checklist we recived when we entered Yellowstone.

Even though thay is all for the journal part don’t worry I collected a lot more things! One of my favorites sre pamphlets. For instance official park maps and handy info take a look at my collection

and lastly my oddball item coasters one from Olive Garden restaurant we stopped at and 2 from our cabin Yellowstone.


and all this stuff that is not in my journal gets put into a bin with all the others that I didn’t show (since t didn’t pertain to this years trip)


Looking at the cover of my jojurnal I’d reallyl ike to add some more style to it. Do you have any simple ways I could decorate the cover? I would love to know! Thanks


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