Motivational Songs

Hello today I decided to mix it up a bit and do something different! I will be sharing a few of my favorite songs and how they relate to me. Some of them are explained more, while others look like I just translated to different words so I could get to an idea that I … Continue reading Motivational Songs


Michigan Memories

Michigan Memories Pictured passed  the church from the highway, behind the narrow road, over the gravel road tucked behind the woods sat my grandparents land. One where memories will always linger about. I always enjoyed this  lovely place. It’s unique in its own way not only because it captures the beauty of Michigan but because it … Continue reading Michigan Memories

I Owe it all to my Mother

This post is kind of similar to this one so be sure to check it out laterAfter viewing this video from SickKids Foundation on YouTube I got a wave of guilt and that is when I really realized how much my mom does for me. Mothers Day was just around the corner so my refection on … Continue reading I Owe it all to my Mother

I am Vanessa from Germany

Hey everyone!! With this post, I'd like to introduce myself, and let you get a feeling for the German culture. But first: How do I know Bianna?- That's quite simple: I am a foreign exchange student with the organization called AFS Intercultural Programs (American Field Service). It is a worldwide known organization, that can let thousands of young … Continue reading I am Vanessa from Germany

My Guest Post: It only takes a minute to be nice to someone

It only takes a minute to be nice to someone This was a common saying I heard around the house from my dad alot both when I was young and still today. I always just shrug it off like yeah whatever I know but little did I know without this saying stuck in my head … Continue reading My Guest Post: It only takes a minute to be nice to someone

Fussing Over my Condition?

Hello, thoughts throughout the week have generated more thoughts. Soon after pondering quite some time I evolved my thinking into an essay and that's how vol2 was born!  PDF Format  EMagazine  PDF Format EMagazine