Gathered Favorites

Hello today I will be doing an updated favorites! I did one long ago but I have had some different things to add! These are not necessarily just from this month though they are kind of scatterd oh well! I hope you  definitely consider trying some of these out they are all worth it in … Continue reading Gathered Favorites


Dear Parents…..

 Dear Mom and Dad,You exceed the limits of the typical average parentsGoing above and beyond than what most parents with “Healthy “ children doI know not everyone is lucky enough to have such loving and supportive parents You had no guide book or parental training helping you along the wayNo library carries the book: The Ultimate … Continue reading Dear Parents…..

What Easter means to Me!

Its not about the eggs! Well to start off this blog post I want you all to know I was originally going to do a beauty post! But since it is Easter I really wanted today to be the day I kicked off my Christian category in my blog! I discovered a Christian blogging group … Continue reading What Easter means to Me!

Wanting to forget but My Mind lives in the Past

Hey! So this is a poem I wrote about the thoughts that have remained in my head even though every other part of me continues on. This is the result of being in the hospital too long thoughtful my life! Hope you enjoy!   Wanting to forget but My Mind lives in the Past The … Continue reading Wanting to forget but My Mind lives in the Past

Journal Entry: Jenny’s Photoshoot

Journal Entry! Friday 17, 2017 I am writing this on Saturday, March 18 2017! So all this happened yesterday! Who knows when I will post this though! Yesterday was so fun! My friend Jenny came over! She is an exchange student from China and is living nearby! We had so much fun! I really enjoyed styling … Continue reading Journal Entry: Jenny’s Photoshoot

Links of Free Sites and other Stuff

Hello! Today I will be listing some free websites I totally recommend. From design, editing, productivity and so much more! I also included some posts I think you need to read. The posts I chose I can really relate to and they are amazing reads. Also go check out my YouTube just uploaded video today! … Continue reading Links of Free Sites and other Stuff

Winter overveiw of Stats & Your Feedback!

Hello! Starting my blog has been one of the best things I have ever done! I hopefully will be able to move to a self-hosted site within 6 months. The longest a year...but my blog has grown so much over the months since I have started and I am so thrilled! So as I know it … Continue reading Winter overveiw of Stats & Your Feedback!

Few of my Favorite Quotes 

Here are 16 quotes that I can totally relate to but I think my all time favorite is "When I wished for extreme life experiences I really should have been more specific" That's it for now! Currently sick so hence, this post! Which one is your favorite or comment your own favorite below Also New accounts … Continue reading Few of my Favorite Quotes