What To Carry Inside Your Purse/Handbag

Ever confused or just over stressing about what to include in your purse! No worries! I got you! Lets go pack a purse with amazing necessities!

Hey guys so today I am really excited about this post because I love seeing these all over YouTube! Today I will be showing you What’s in my handbag or what I probably should have in my handbag/purse. I really took a lot of time to do these photos and I really think I am improving on the flat lay technique! Idk tho….haha anyway let’s go

Alright so I am using this black plastic-leather ish tote thing! It has a lovely large gold clasp to secure the closure of the bag and metallic colors are used to make the bag pop with black background.  Underneath the clasp (in the front) it has a envelope type pocket to keep small things inside which I always love to have on a handbag! This makes it much easier to put things that you need to find easily. For me, those would be my phone, chapstick and sunglasses!

Makeup & Skincare

Instead of taking individual photos of each item I grouped them into categories. So this one is makeup and skincare! Some really important things to include form this category are:

Chapstick: Strawberry EOS

I always forget to put this in my bag but since winter just wrapped up I realized how import this is!I Keeping your lips moisturized and dechaped is very important. Applying it on a regular basis can help prevent cracking and bleeding from happening! ( Switched out to my candy apple Chapstick for all photos after this one since it was easier to put in my bag)

Hand sanitizer: Bath and Body Works : I love Bling

The hand sanitizer comes in handy if you end up going out to eat,but the bathrooms are too crowded or unsanitary for your liking. You can be prepared with this at the ready!  However I will say if possible please do wash your hands though, this is just a quick cover up in case running water isn’t available or dirty bathrooms are not your thing.

Mini hand lotion: Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day

Just like chapped lips chapped hands ar no fun they need care too! So moisturize them when needed. Or if you’re like me and your remover you need to apply some at the most random times of the day you can! Especially if you’re waiting in a waiting room for doctors, dentists etc.. because trust me they will not be ready in a few moments unless, you somehow get a miracle of speedy doctors. Then please let me know your secret powers!

Basic makeup kit

I know how it use you do this gorgeous makeup look then you go out to eat and all your lipstick washes off or you notice a huge flaw you made in your makeup process this morning. Create a basic on the go makeup for whatever suits your needs different makeup looks need different products to make them look good. For me I included:

Clinique mini mascara bottle

LAC nude eyeshadow pallet

Clinique blush

And a hello kitty mirror (so I actually don’t mess up in the process)

Devices and Technology

Phone: Obviously no one can leave the house without this! No, it’s not just the fact that we are addicted to them. This is also for our own safety. Getting in an emergency situation is one of the most scariest things. This is true for when your out and about alone! and having your phone on you to call someone for help (most likely 9-1-1) can save you or someone elses life by simply just having it on you! I didn’t think I really needed to tell you this since nowadays, most people can’t go a few seconds without their phone.  (including me sadly)

Portable Charger: MonoPrice: External Battery Pack Mobile Device Charger

You never know when you will be out and sometimes your phone isn’t prepared. It’s key to have it charged and ready but in case you don’t and conveniently go to a place with outlets available you don’t want to regret not bringing when you needed it!


Need to get away from the noises in the public? Or maybe you just want to tune out the world! Be considerate of others and avoid adding to the noisiness by remembering your headphones. 


Hygiene is condition or practice that helps maintain your overall cleanliness of your body! Although we may forget a few essentials that we may need. Many times they come in small versions so they can help us protect ourselves (sunglasses)  fixed to our perfection (hairbrush) or replaced because of mother nature (feminine products).

Pads, Tampons

Never know when your period may happen or when a friend asks if you have any extra supplies! There is nothing worse then stained underwear! Staying sanitary and having good hygiene makes you a much happier person so d yourself a favor and please remember these!

Hairbrush: Conair

Ever been in the wind and your hair just gets knotted in the process? I have! Quickly smooth out the knots and look fresh again in a flash with carrying a mini sized brush with you!

Hair ties

Hair bothers me sometimes and you just have to tie it out of your way to keep it from distracting you!


Protecting your eyes is important as anything else! Don’t over expose your eyes to harsh sunlight! Protect your eyes please and remember to pack these!

Food& Drink
Mints Gum (or in my case Life Saver hard candy)

No one likes talking to someone with stinky breath! And if you know ahead of time that your breath smells bad please pop in some gum! If you have no clue or unsure if your breath stinks you can lick your wrist, let it dry then smell it! (but please disinfect your wrist from the germs you passed no one wants to have it double as perfum) Always check before going out the door and talking to many people!

Snack: Effiel Bons Bons

Your out and about all day and you’re starving avoid your starvation with packing some already packed snacks for on the go!


Staying hydrated is really important for everyone carry a mini sized water bottle around or you know if you’re like me the largest one you have works just as well!



Never know when you might need to gets someone’s phone number, address or maybe an idea popped into your head! Well now you cannot forget it!

Personal item

Have a good luck charm or something that is easy to carry around that has a lot of importance? Carry it around for some good luck! Weather you’re going to a business meeting, school or anywhere and you just want to have some good luck for whatever reason make sure to include it! For me it is my mental cross wherever I go I always feel most comfortable with its presence!

Wallet: Vera Bradley Wristlet

Oh, Don’t forget your wallet but do I really need to explain the reasoning behind it?……I sure hope not! My wallet is a bright red Vera Bradley one which is so cute and adorable I love it so Much!

Small Compact Jacket:

One final item: If you get cold easily like me then a small portable jacket will be necessary! Plus here in Wisconsin the weather can fluctuate quite quickly here if you didn’t know! Don’t worry I will be prepared!


Alright so time to organize your bag! In the zipper pocket I have my feminine supplies

In the inside 2 pockets:  I have my pen hairbrush sand sunglasses! In the main space I have my phone with my headphones in. My wallet with my jacket tucked neatly to the left, my mini notepad,

And another little orange  bag that contains

All my makeup  things!
Inside my wallet I put the cross in the little front pocket that is  inside a drawstring bag

My food which is candy (I don’t recommend- what I had in my room at the moment when taking photos) and my lifesaver candy (since i hate anything mint)

Lastly my hands sanitizer was clipped on the outside of my bag!

Here is the overall  organization of the main pocket

Now you are all set to go out and conquer the world! (ok not really) but seriously, hoped this helped a







5 thoughts on “What To Carry Inside Your Purse/Handbag

  1. You are well prepared, I must say! When I was young, I used to carry a little hammer and a screwdriver around, don’t ask me why! Maybe I thought it was cool. 😉 But they came in handy once or twice …


    1. Thank you for the nice comment! Although, I will admit I am usually not prepared at all! But I think now that I have written this post I now will now be better prepared in the future! It’s funny because I had no clue what to include at first but as I started writing it just came to me as I went! I knew more then what i thought! Now just going to take my own advice


    1. Oh I am so glad this was helpful! Yes, i will admit after posting this i needed to add a few things as well! I had the knowledge for knowing what to include, i guess I never sat down and thought about it long enough to apply it to reality 🙂


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