The artist in me

Today I will be showing you a few of my recent drawings and sketches! If you didnt know I love to draw anytime I can in between classes expecially! I will fill up my notebook with doodles and images from my immagination! So here we go-


Okay these 4 are made with my iPad Pro and Apple pencil!I really love drawing with it because the outcome looks so cool! It feels like I am actually a pro. If your curious I use the app GoodNotes and its only $7.99. Its not only good for drawing but its also amazing for notetaking! So this is really good for you especially if you love to draw and write. I definiely plan on creating many more and uploading them here for you all!

These are all made with the outline starting with my good old Dixon Ticonderoga HB #2 pencil! and then a little bit a color on some!

I love drawing because you can create almost anything! You can use imagination and it will take to a whole new world! It will distract you from the craziness of this world and you kind find peace in mind and make it come to life! It helps you express your feelings when your down or anger, or even when want to express positive thoughts! Art will always be there because you are there and you are necessary to help create. This is because you are the creator and controller it all depends on you and it is not possible without someone to start it! So go out on a walk sketch the scene, observe your daily life and create a college! You can even make a artist vision board for yourself and pinterest is great place to start exploring your artistic ability. Sorry for the short post I am very bad at planning ahead! Much love,



5 thoughts on “The artist in me

  1. This isn’t a short post, not really. Yeah, there may not be much writing involved, but those drawings (which look great, by the way), probably took you forever, which definitely makes up for it. Sometimes a picture/image says a thousand words, and if you take that literally, your blog post really isn’t that short after all. 😉


    1. Thanks so much you know I never thought about it that way! That means so much to me! Thank you and yes they are not a 10 sec task! They take many days of concentration! Thanks for reading and I am so glad that you liked it!


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