What I got for my 15th Birthday!

Hello everyone hope you have been having a good day so far! Today I really want to show you all the amazing things I received for my 15th birthday! Thanks so much to all the people who gave me these gifts! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful close knit family as I … Continue reading What I got for my 15th Birthday!


A Letter to the People who are “Normal” or don’t Understand

The Normal People021 Invisible Illness Dr.Spoonieville, Wi 02120USATo the People Who Are “Normal and Those Who Misunderstand Me (and all the others living with rare conditions),Life can be heartbreaking, terrifying, scary, dark, unusual, confusing, lonely, sad depressing, and difficult for us rare condition patients. The everyday things “healthy” people find so simple are often enormous … Continue reading A Letter to the People who are “Normal” or don’t Understand

Valentine’s Day

Hey Happy Valentine's Day! Today is my first ever Valentine's day post!  This is a collab with PsitsPeri. I recently found her blog and really enjoyed it! Her photos are so amazing! They really go well with her blog! She is doing Valentine's Day related things as well. She is another really sweet person and I … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

Things NOT to say to people fighting a rare condition/defect

  Hello many of you all know that I have rare condition/ birth defect and here are some things I have heard people say to others like me or personally have been told. All of these have been annoying to everyone with rare condition. Think positive thoughts-I know you mean well and are just trying … Continue reading Things NOT to say to people fighting a rare condition/defect

The Pearls of Catharsis-Review

  Hello all. I am really trying to get back on my weekly posts that normal occur on Sundays. Since I had free time I decided to start writing out the post but I finished it all so I just decided to post. So hopefully  I can post more instead of falling behind.  Today I … Continue reading The Pearls of Catharsis-Review

Blog Name Change?

Hey all so I have been thinking......So I know I have been talking about some medical things on here and honestly I never thought of actually including anything like that sort of stuff in my blog. So many others have inspired me to and just to share out my story. So that is what I … Continue reading Blog Name Change?