Simple Nail Care

  Hey all today I will be sharing a simple nail care procedure along with some brief information on different types of nail polish. Personally, I don’t go through all these steps that often but if you have the patience and time this definitely will turn out amazing! It can also double as a travel … Continue reading Simple Nail Care


Blogger Recognition Award 

Hello everyone ! Today I am so excited and pleaed to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely Autumn at (from yesterday)  and now today I got a notification saying I was nominated again by wow 2 people thats insane I have no words. I really love both of their … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award 

Relatable Situations & Quotes from a Spoonie

Hello everyone today I am sharing a few relatable situations/quotes that spoonies (people with chronic illnesses) Probably go through. I know I have experienced mostly all of them. Some of them are funny, others are more serious.  Being a spoonie from the start has given me crazy opportunities, weird situations, a collection of doctors and … Continue reading Relatable Situations & Quotes from a Spoonie