New Year’s Reflection and Journaling

With new year just around the corner I decided to make a binder to organize various things in my life. Such as packing lists for trips, list of account information,contacts, places I want to travel and of course new year reflections and resolutions. I really wanted to get the new year printables up before the … Continue reading New Year’s Reflection and Journaling


Christmas 2016: Photo Gallery

Hey, Hope you all had a good Holiday! Took some photos during my holiday that I would love to share with you guys.Originally, I had made a movie with my new iPad. I used iMovie  for this task, but since I am using the free version of WordPress now unfortunately, I am not able to … Continue reading Christmas 2016: Photo Gallery

Little Christmas Tag

  Christmas Tag! Hey everyone today I answered some questions that basically resembles a tag I found online. This may not be the exact Christmas tag you see Youtuber’s do but I hope that is okay with you! Just thought I would share some answers since I haven’t done something like this! Merry Christmas and … Continue reading Little Christmas Tag

Favorite Christmas Songs 2016 

Hey all here are some songs I have been into this season! This is a Christmas collab with one of my blogging friends Monique! So make sure you check out here blog HERE! Honestly I love her blog so much the layout and everything! So amazing! Hope you enjoy! It's Christmas Time Again-Backstreet Boys Run … Continue reading Favorite Christmas Songs 2016 

Into Winter Blog Update 2016

  Hello beautiful people of the internet! Just wanted to kind of make a layout of what you should expect in the following months and where I want my blog to go. First, when I started blogging I really wanted to to aim it towards lifestyle. I still do, but I also want to start … Continue reading Into Winter Blog Update 2016

Quick Photography

Waiting for my mom to pick me up from school. I decided to take some pictures of random different things to pass the time. It was really interesting to use different angles and make them your own by choosing how you wanted them too look. Photography is a really cool way to express yourself. You … Continue reading Quick Photography

Packing Christmas Boxes for Children

One box can change the world. Imagine not receiving any gifts for Christmas. Believe it or not many kids experience this in the world. But just a shoe box can change that. I participated in packing gifts (shoe boxes) for children in need a my Church in November. Basically, I got to go down a … Continue reading Packing Christmas Boxes for Children