Ten things I am thankful for!

1. Friends-Expecially for the new ones I have met this year. 2. Doctors -Who knows where I could be in life if they weren't there for me on day 1. 3. School-some kids don't have this amazing opportunity 4. God- helps me get hrough the good and hard times of life! 5. Shelter-I know I … Continue reading Ten things I am thankful for!


Current Fall Beauty Products

Here is my current fall products and what I think of them! Hope this helps!  St. Ives: Oatmeal Facial Scrub and Mask One of my favorite things about this facial scrub is that it doubles as a mask. So when your traveling it is really convenient to just throw in you carry on without having to pack … Continue reading Current Fall Beauty Products

5 tips for dealing with stress 

Stress happens to everyone weather it's categorized as being a major, normal or little amount for you! We all need to know strategies to help us lower our stress so we are not so worried out of our mind! may be hard to achieve based on your experience in life. Here are some things to do … Continue reading 5 tips for dealing with stress 

Current Music Playlist

    Just some of my favorite music I am currently jamming out to this fall! (2016) Problem-Ariana Grande One last time-Ariana Grande Break Free-Ariana Grande Love Me Harder-Ariana Grande Lush Life-Zara Larsson Never Forget You-Zara Larsson Shower-Becky G lights-Ellie Goulding Timber-Pitbull Don't Stop the Party-Pitbull Rise- Katy Perry Dark Horse- Katy Perry Last Friday … Continue reading Current Music Playlist

Fall Photos: Park

Recently, my parents made me get out of the house. So,  I ended up going to the park with my sister. I then decided I would take some fall pictures for Instagram like every "basic white girl" does. So after playing on the playground and wearing myself out for awhile. My sister took pictures for … Continue reading Fall Photos: Park