My Winter Photography Collection

Hey guys, as you know I am love to do photography in fact at least this month I think I have gone out every day for some photos. But I would like to look back at the winter photos I took. This is starting in December through February. So lets go! I haven't decided yet … Continue reading My Winter Photography Collection


Mental Health Month May is mental health month. But this year's theme is #mindforbody. This is to challenge people to make small changes to improve our overall health, but more importantly more of a positive mental state. Visit this link. To learn more... What is mental illness? Acording to NAMI.... “A mental illness is a condition that … Continue reading Mental Health Month

Before Blogging: My handwritten Entries

So happy friday! Today I willl share some journal entries that I found from my old notebooks. I wasnt cinsistent at all but it was a good reminder of some things in my life. However all names are written with parentheses for privacy of those people. Unknown date   Dear Diary today is a no … Continue reading Before Blogging: My handwritten Entries

Photography Equipment

As you may know i love photography so come along as I introduce you to my equipment. However you don't need all of this stuff to take good photos....I promise! Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR (with 18-55mm STM Lens) This is the camera I use for the majority of my shots. Its actully my … Continue reading Photography Equipment

My Lip (stick/gloss) Collection

I'm sure you know buy now if I am out and about you definitely will see me wearing lipstick. Rarely do I ever go out with naked lips. Especially if you go to my high school I'm sure you have seen me whear, some pretty distinct colors. So as you might have guessed my lipstick … Continue reading My Lip (stick/gloss) Collection

Books to read and recommendations

Hey everyone so sorry i have been absent from blogging. My dad was fixing my computer for some time but now we should be all good! Today will share my books to read list and also a few books i highly recommend. Hopefully, you find some interesting reads for your own list. Also let me … Continue reading Books to read and recommendations

The Greatest Showman and the meaning to me

On Sunday March 11, My family and I went to see The Greatest showman. This was our third time to the theatre just to get into to see this. On Friday at 7:00 we tried to drove to go see it . However when we got there the theatre had no more spots in it. … Continue reading The Greatest Showman and the meaning to me

Turning 16 & No more Instagram?!?

Birthday Gallery My birthday was on February 17. I tuned 16....kinda scary to think about because I still do not feel like i act like it (even my parent would agree. I really wanted to put my What I got for my 16 birthday post up with this one but....I have such an amazing family … Continue reading Turning 16 & No more Instagram?!?

From paper to Performance; The stage comes alive

Where have i been????? Well this post will definitely answer that question! From a idea on sketch paper, drilling and sawing, measuring and painting, rehearsing, and  long nights with mountain dew . I had one heck of a time and I even got to see the live thing! Okay so you are probably so confused … Continue reading From paper to Performance; The stage comes alive

Maddy’s Story: Fight to do what you love, & don’t give up.

I have met so many people facing medical challenges over the years I have been dealing with my own. But since starting my blog I have gotten CLASSMATES sending me direct messages on Instagram about their own. Wait what...... everyone looks like they are doing fine. I have though anyone in my school struggled medically … Continue reading Maddy’s Story: Fight to do what you love, & don’t give up.