Design & Shine: Making the Show Happen

Well, where have I been? Let me lay it out for you. I had the most exhausting, fun and wonderful expirence recently. I operated the lightboard for my schools play Antigone. Now yes, I have done spotlight for last years school musical, but this is lightboard a whole lot more and well bascially without me, … Continue reading Design & Shine: Making the Show Happen


2 Year Bloggiversary

I can’t believe how today is my 2 year blogiversary! just amazed. It’s been such an adventure on my journey through blogging. Moreover it focuses on many things that hopefully help others. Every chance I get I try to write a meaningful post. It’s forced me to keep sharing and growing about everything that … Continue reading 2 Year Bloggiversary

September​ Photos

September blew by like too fast and well now it's October 19. Let me break down the month for you. September 1st This was the day my family went to my grandparent's beach. This was one of the last few days before school began. If you have no idea how much I love the beach … Continue reading September​ Photos

Current Music Playlist

Well Its been a while. I didn't forget about you guys though! So I love music. I am always listening to music at home. It motivates me. Recently I have been loving some new songs I have discovered. Most of them have meaning behind why I like them. Also If you haven't seen my past song … Continue reading Current Music Playlist

Something I hoped I’d never would have to again…

How many times have you thought well life is going well no issues and I can go smoothly from here. Honestly, I thought this was the case. The day I will tell u about was just a year and 7 days since my SVT diagnosis. And almost a year since my last ER SVt episode. … Continue reading Something I hoped I’d never would have to again…

A Walk and A Festival

Let me tell you about my crazy fun weekend! It was full of so much activity I cannot remember when i have walked so much within two days! It was super fun though! September 15, 2018 This was the day my family and I participated in Briggs & Al's Walk. This is an event to … Continue reading A Walk and A Festival

Junior Year & Tips!

Since the day leading up to school i have been a whirlwind of emotions I have learned a lot . First let me say when I'm stressed & I get an irritated attitude and go into a real funky mood. Like days before school i felt really nauseous and i felt like i was no … Continue reading Junior Year & Tips!

Telling my Story one Bead at A Time

I have a bead string with 26 beads on it. To you it may look like i strung a bunch of beads together like a child. No order with no ryme or reason. but to me this string of beads tells a story. My medical story. It started with me finding out about a program … Continue reading Telling my Story one Bead at A Time

No I’m not just being dramatic

What if this and what if that. If your around me enough you will see im always in frantic panick at somethings. I'm so thankful for everyone who puts up with me. I'm gonna be real here. I am the most illogical person sometimes. People may find me crazy or overdramatic. But the fact is its … Continue reading No I’m not just being dramatic

Life’s Tough and Here’s what I need you to know

I was gonna do a post on my photography collection but recently i think this post is needed. So enjoy! Things i want people to know about living as a medically complicated person. How important it is to be able to talk and vent to them about my health, even if the things I say … Continue reading Life’s Tough and Here’s what I need you to know