June review

Wow June has flown by I cannot believe july has arrived. Where has summer gone. I reallly cannot imagine going back to school. But im not here to talk about that im here to review june while i still am enjoying my summer. Anyways, i got this idea from Aileen Xu. She runs her own … Continue reading June review


Thoughts From: A Day At the Lake

Let me tell you about my Fourth of July. This you will then see will lead into my thoughts relating to the lake. First woke up at 5 to go save seats for parade. And it was so hot and humid. The parade was at 10:00 and it was really fun. But hot. and very … Continue reading Thoughts From: A Day At the Lake

Travel Journal: A week Up North

I would never leave you guys forever. But let me tell you about my exciting vacation! Get ready to read about everything I did. I am so excited to share some amazing things i did. okay ill let you guys read it:   Saturday June 23, 2018 This was the day when we would arrive … Continue reading Travel Journal: A week Up North

2D Drawing and Design Projects

Hey all,Welcome. Today I will be showing you my creative pieces I have crafted throughout the school year. So my first pieces or  pieces were notans Definition of notan. plural -s. : the combination of lights and darks especially as used in Japanese art : the design or pattern of a work of art as … Continue reading 2D Drawing and Design Projects

Quotes from The perks of being a wallflower by Stephan Chboskey.

So recently I have read the book called The perks of being a wallflower by Stephan Chboskey. This is such a a deep book maybe I say that because I can relate to the character in many ways. But here is a run down. Charlie, the fifteen-year-old narrator of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has … Continue reading Quotes from The perks of being a wallflower by Stephan Chboskey.

The Domino Effect of my back

Well its june and as you know this blog focuses on many things but alot of health related topics. This is because I have a direct corralation to many things medically. This post came to me while I was texting a friend. And normally I am not one to talk about my mediccal issues elsewhere … Continue reading The Domino Effect of my back

Lots of photography and other experiences this year

As the school year comes to a closing Id like to do a general run down of things that have happened. That being said there are so many great and amazing memories I have. However there are also not so good things that have happened. Regardless, my school year has been filled with awesome experiences … Continue reading Lots of photography and other experiences this year

My Winter Photography Collection

Hey guys, as you know I am love to do photography in fact at least this month I think I have gone out every day for some photos. But I would like to look back at the winter photos I took. This is starting in December through February. So lets go! I haven't decided yet … Continue reading My Winter Photography Collection

Mental Health Month

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5iY3CWxwWM May is mental health month. But this year's theme is #mindforbody. This is to challenge people to make small changes to improve our overall health, but more importantly more of a positive mental state. Visit this link. To learn more... What is mental illness? Acording to NAMI.... “A mental illness is a condition that … Continue reading Mental Health Month

Before Blogging: My handwritten Entries

So happy friday! Today I willl share some journal entries that I found from my old notebooks. I wasnt cinsistent at all but it was a good reminder of some things in my life. However all names are written with parentheses for privacy of those people. Unknown date   Dear Diary today is a no … Continue reading Before Blogging: My handwritten Entries