Small Things Make a Big Difference & Other Thoughts

On March 27 I went to school as usual came home did normal routine. I was watching my sisters doing my homework and just minding my own business. And then the phone rang. It was my dad. Oh ok I thought he's probably just checking up on us-making sure everyone is still alive. Which he … Continue reading Small Things Make a Big Difference & Other Thoughts


The Movie, the inspiration and connection

Background On March 29 I went to see the film Five feet apart. This is about a girl named Stella Grant who is a cystic fibrosis (CF) patient. She uses social media to cope with her illness and tries to live a normal life. Eventually she meets another CF patient, Will Newman, who is at … Continue reading The Movie, the inspiration and connection

A Lot Has Happened

It’s been a while. Oooh boy where do I start. Last I left off was February 21 going home from hospital. I was so happy to be home. I was feeling great normal me for about 13 solid days. Then March 6 came. And the same thing struck me. I was devastated. I didn’t wanna … Continue reading A Lot Has Happened

The Musical & the Unexpected

Saturday February 16, 2019: Home Early This was a day dedicated to musical rehearsal. Or so I thought. I planned on being picked up by my parents though at 4 to celebrate my birthday with my relatives who came to town. But i thought I would only need to leave for a few hours just … Continue reading The Musical & the Unexpected

Cold Temps & Too Much Snow

I realized I haven't had a full day of school in nearly 2 weeks. And thats because I had exams and after exams I get to go home. But then snow came down a lot, making driving difficult for people to get to school . And finally because the temp was insane. January 22-Exam Day English-7:35-8:50 Photography-9:05-10:20 January 23, 2019-Snow Day January 24-Exam day International biz.- 9:05-10:20 Spanish-10:35-11:50 January 25-No school (End of sem1) January 28-Snow Day January 29-Exam Day Sewing- 9:05- 10:20 January 30-Cold day -25°/ -31 ℃ … Continue reading Cold Temps & Too Much Snow

Projects & Exams

Well I have had a busy month. And this week is finals. However I wanted to get a blog post up. Let me tell you about my 2 major projects I just wrapped up. So I apologize for the absence. January 8, 2019 As I am sitting in my schools imc I feel so relieved. … Continue reading Projects & Exams

2018 Monthly Events ​

Well hey, it been a while no worries though I'm still here! Life has just kept me busy I suppose. But let me give you a quick overview of how 2018 has gone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and 2019 is just around the corne January Star wars 8 … Continue reading 2018 Monthly Events ​


Here is my ultimate Christmas playlist!!! Love all these, but if you know me  well you already know my favorite is Owl City. In fact, I have played their songs too much to the point where I annoy my family members. Sooo lets get onto the full playlist of my Christmas playlist. Toby Mac The … Continue reading THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST

Few Things I am Thankful For

So Thanksgiving is here and lets me just say this is such an important holiday that i believe at least isn't celebrated or recognized as much as it should be. Thanksgiving is a time to be well thankful for things. So the last two years I have done a Thanksgiving post. 2017 I did: 26 … Continue reading Few Things I am Thankful For

Design & Shine: Making the Show Happen

Well, where have I been? Let me lay it out for you. I had the most exhausting, fun and wonderful expirence recently. I operated the lightboard for my schools play Antigone. Now yes, I have done spotlight for last years school musical, but this is lightboard a whole lot more and well bascially without me, … Continue reading Design & Shine: Making the Show Happen